Some Images

This week I decided that I want to post a few of my favourite pictures with a little blurb about them and why I like them.

We start off with the image that I have used in the header.  I call this one “Swan Wings”.


Swan Wings f/9 1/320 55mm

This is one of those images that is one in a million.  I was standing on the bridge over the Port Credit River in Port Credit watching the swans and taking some pictures.  This guy was cruising along and I was taking a couple shots of him as he got closer.  The all of a sudden he rears up and flaps his wings.  I was fortunate that I was already focused on him and was able to get off 3 shots of him like this.  It wasn’t until I was looking at the picture on the big screen that I saw the ripples on the water.  I love this because it is a great capture of the moment.

The next one I took at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington.

Tulip f/5.6 1/1000 240mm

I love this because of the simplicity of the image.  The colours are almost perfect complimentary colours (red/green).

Lastly an image of one of my favourite photographic subjects…waterfalls.

Sherman Falls f/32 2.5s 50mm

This is downstream from Sherman Falls.  I found this large piece of metal strapping in the middle of the stream.  I liked the contrast of the man-made object surrounded by nature.  To draw the eye to the metal I applied a very slight tilt-shift effect in post.

I have added a few more images in the gallery, so be sure to check them out as well.  As always there are a ton of photos that I have posted over the years on my flickr page.