One of my passions that I could absolutely not live without is music. Unfortunately my creative talents have not lent themselves to creating music. However that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have a huge affect on me.

I almost always have music playing in the background wherever I am. Even when there is no music playing, there is always a tune running through my head. It’s almost like having a soundtrack of my life running at all times.

Head f/5.6 1/60 105mm

Many of my memories of life are closely tied to the music I was listening to at the time. For example, when I listen to Mike Oldfield’s Crisis album, it is strongly tied to my reading of Larry Niven’s Integral Trees and Smoke Ring. When I had first bought that album I listened to it while reading these 2 books. New Order is strongly tied to my university years.

I find that music has a visceral effect on me. The music that I love has a deep down effect on me that is hard to explain. This effect isn’t tied to one genre of music. I listen many types of music and find that there are certain pieces that always touch me.

Body f/5.0 1/60 50mm

For this week’s images I have chosen 2 that are experiments with capturing images of my guitar. Yes, I know I said that I haven’t been creating music, but I do have a couple guitars. The plan is to one day take lessons and try to play them. However, for now, they fill up an ugly corner of my family room and make it look that much better.

My third image is of an old piano that was in a mock up of an old western town on the back lot of a farm.  The owner of the farm had built 7 or 8 buildings to create a little town that looked like it was transplanted out of the old west.  I will have to talk about it and post more images from it in a future post.

Piano f/8 0.8sec 70mm

I felt that this piano had all kinds of character.  It looked like it had lived a rough life, but I am glad that it can continue to provide some happiness to someone in its dying years.