Mountsberg Conservation Area

I am lucky to live in an area that has many conservation areas to offer. One that I recently visited is the Mountsberg Conservation Area. This park has many offerings to be had. They have many hiking trails, a raptor rescue centre, and a barn with farm animals. A large feature is the reservoir. In the spring and summer, I have visited here and seen may species of birds including Osprey and other aquatic life.

This visit was my first in the winter. I found that the reservoir was very low on water and what was there was totally frozen over and covered in snow. At first, I was disappointed as it didn’t provide much interest in the way of photography. I was in a bit of a bay and the one end of the lake. I decided to walk out onto the reservoir to a point where I could look beyond the point of land that formed the bay. I was very glad I did this as the view was ethereal looking up the lake. As you can see in the image below, with the snow blowing the visibility had been reduced and only the dark details contrasting the snow were visible.

Across the railway is another large part of the area that I had never visited before. There I found the north end of the reservoir. Fortunately, with a frozen lake you can get vantage points that normally require a boat or getting wet.

This is one of these trips that don’t yield many images but I am quite happy with those that I did find. See the rest in the gallery below.

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