Welcome To Fables of the Mind

This is my little part of the world where I share my thoughts and my photography. I have been a photographer for as long as I can remember. As a child I had a little 110 Instamatic camera that I would carry around.

My photography focus is primarily on the world around me. The architecture, the landscape and “stuff”. That being said, I will photograph what catches my eye and intrigues me.
I have presented my prints in several gallery showings and compete regularly in the Mississauga Camera Club’s competition.

I have always felt that anyone can be a good photographer. they need to get beyond the “auto” settings on their cameras and prepared fail. in quest become better photographer there will many times when photograph close but not quite there. it is realizing these calls we learn make those images.



Base of Tiffany FallsWhy “Fables of the Mind”?

Photography is a means to tell a story. Photographers do the opposite of writers. Writers build an image in the mind of the reader with the careful use of creative and crafted prose. Photographers build the words in the viewer’s mind through the careful use of objects and light. Both tell stories or fables and good stories and photographs will create an ongoing impression in the viewer’s mind. Hopefully, that impression is one that has an impact on the viewer.